Codes of All networks

This is really hectic, when you are in a hurry, but you forget What to dial for some task from your mobile, for example, to check balance, call helpline, etc. In the following,you can find all such important information:

► If you want to check your balance on telenor, dial *444#. Similarly, on jazz, press *111#. For Ufone, the code for the balance inquiry is *124#. Note the codes for Warid *100# and Zong*222# respectively.
► Another important thing is to check the Mbs. Here's detail of all the mobile networks in this regard: Telenor:*999#, Jazz *114*1*2#, Ufone:*706#, Warid:*200*4# and Zong:*102#.
► To see how many SMS are remaining, tap *111# for telenor, *101*2# for Jazz, *336*2*4 for Ufone, *200# for warid sim and *102*3# for Zong.
► For the minutes checking, apply the following codes: TELENOR:*222#, JAZZ: *110#, UFONE:*707#, WARID:*200# and ZONG:P to102.
► A very useful information is about checking what is your mobile number. For this, send on Telenor:”A” to 7421, Jazz:*99#, Ufone:*888#, Warid:”myno” to 6060, Zong:*8#.
► Who doesn't want to use free Facebook? Well, this is possible by typing specific code for each sim, i.e., Telenor: *5*325#, Jazz: *114*5#, Ufone: *3434#, Warid: fw to 7777 and Zong: *6464*4#
► Almost, all mobile networks provide Sim lgao offer. But, what should you type to avail this offer? Telenor:*2222#/2222, Jazz: *551#, Ufone: “Sim” to 5000/5000, Warid:”Y” to 3733 and Zong: call to 2244.
► You definitely like the offer of balance share. But the codes are different for each mobile network, that is: for Telenor:*1*1*92345XXXXXXXX*Amount#, for Jazz: “*100*92301xxxxxxx*amount#”, Ufone: 0333xxxxxxxU2Uamount to 828, Warid: “B" to 1414 and Zong: 0313XXXXXXX.amount to 999 and confirm by “Y”.

These codes will help you a lot. Make sure to save this information in your phone all the time, so that you can access it promptly. If a code does not work, you can inform us by leaving your feedback. Note: Jazz and Warid have merged now. So, you can use the same code for both. We have mentioned separately, because merger may end any time. So you should have all codes for both networks separately as well.