How to Fix Common Android Problems on Your Own?

We all are having Android smartphone, but sometimes we face little issues and run to the mobile expert. Do you know, you can easily fix a few common Android problems on your own? Yes, it is! Here's how? Battery Life Problem: Many phone owners complain that their mobile battery ends very soon. This has become a common problem. To solve this issue, go to Settings and Location. Choose the Battery Saving Mode. Also, change the brightness level. Better is to keep it on less than 50%. Samsung Galaxy S5 has an option of Extra Battery Saving Mode. Hope, it helps in making the battery life of your phone longer.



Slow User Interface: When the internet storage reaches full, the performance of your phone affects a lot. The user interface becomes slow. That is definitely annoying. To get rid of this problem, go to Settings, Apps and delete the unecessary apps from the list. If phone storage is full, move images, videos or other files to your SD card. Also, keep cleaning the cache regularly. Clean Master is the best app to clear cache. This way, your mobile speed will boost up and storage capacity will increase. Connectivity Problems: Sometimes, your phone does not connect to Bluetooth devices. Sometimes, you face Wi-Fi connectivity problem. Similarly, you have trouble in connecting cellular network. These are common issues. To tackle it, simply turn the airplane mode on for half a minute. then turn off. Connect again. Most probably, your problem will solve. If it does not work, enable and then disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Overheating: There are several smartphones, which overheat soon. Do not use it on charging. Also, avoid using the apps that suck the CPU, for example, Pokemon Go, etc. Leave the mobile untouched for half an hour, when it heats up. Overheating can ultimately compel you to get your phone checked by the expert. Some mobile sets have manufacturing fault of overheating. Syncing Problem: Sometimes, your Gmail account does not sync and keeps giving error continuously. Make sure, there is no connection problem. Google or the service you are using is not down. Cross check the entered password. If the problem continues, consider removing and adding your account again.

Contacts Syncing Problem : Many users are fed up from this problem. You send an email to someone and all of his IDs sync with your contacts. So, you find a huge list of contacts in your phone. You, obviously, can not delete the unnecessary contacts from the list one by one. Even some contacts you forget and you do not recognize them. That is annoying. Its easiest solution is to go to Settings menu. Then Account, Google and there, turn off the contact syncing option. That's it! Dropped Phone in Water: If you have mistakenly dropped your phone in water, it may not work any more. However, many Android mobiles start working again by applying a simple solution. If it happens to you, first of all, take the battery out. Dry the phone as much as is possible and leave it untouched for 3 days. Do not insert battery meanwhile. You can also keep your phone parts in sunshine for a few minutes to drain it. After 3 days, when you will insert battery into your mobile and restart it, it will start working like before. good luck!