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Mobile technology is growing in our country rapidly. In this post, you will come to know about total number of mobile companies and their subscribers. Do not miss this information composed in a single post :

Jazz Warid Network:
Jazz and Warid were two growing companies of Pakistan. Now, they have merged into one identity known as Jazz Warid. The company code starts with 030x and 032x. The company is now recognized as "Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited. New name is VEON Limited and Warid Pakistan means Warid Telecom International. The services offered by Jazz Warid are Mobile broadband (DC-HSPA+ and FDD-LTE 4G), Postpaid and Prepaid and Mobile Banking (Jazz Cash). This mobile network uses high technology of 900/1800 Mega Hertz GSM 2G / GPRS 2.5G / EDGE 2.75G Band 1 means 2100 Mega Hertz, DC-HSPA+ 3.75G and Band 3 meand 1800 Mega Hertz FDD-LTE 4 Generation. According to the latest record, the total number of its users is 53.5 millions in Pakistan. Jazzcash is getting popularity as the mobile banking. It is easy to use.



Telenor Network:
Telenor is second popular mobile network in Pakistan. The company code initial of Telenor is 034x. It is owned by Telenor Pakistan known as Telenor Group. It provides the services of Mobile broadband i.e. HSPA+ & FDD-LTE 4 Generation, Postpaid and Prepaid, Mobile Banking (Easy Paisa) while the technology it uses is 900 or 1800 Mega Hertz GSM 2G or GPRS 2.5G or EDGE 2.75G, Band 1 means 2100 Mega Hertz, means Band 5 (850 Mega Hertz) HSPA+ 3.75G, Band 3 which is 1800 Mega Hertz or Band 5 (850 MHz) FDD-LTE 4 Generation. The total subscribers of Telenor till now are 41.1 millions. With Easypaisa service, you can submit utility bills easily. Anytime, you need mobile load, you get it simply after a few clicks, if you have Easypaisa account.

Zong Network:
Zong is at third number with respect to use and popularity in Pakistan. Its code begins with 031. The complete name of this mobile company is CMPak, i.e. China Mobile. It has given great offers to the subscribers. It uses Mobile broadband of DC-HSPA+ and FDD-LTE 4 Generation Postpaid and Prepaid, Mobile Banking known as Time Pey. The latest technology followed by Zong is 900 or 1800 Mega Hertz GSM 2G / GPRS 2.5G / EDGE 2.75G, Band 1 i.e. 2100 Mega Hertz) DC-HSPA+ 3.75G, Band 3 of 1800 Mega Hertz FDD-LTE 4 Generation. In our country, almost 29.8 millions mobile users of Zong are there.

Ufone Network:
Ufone is widely used in Pakistan. Most people own dual SIM, out of which one is Ufone. Its code initial is 033x. The full name of company is Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited famous as PTCL and Etisalat). The offered services of Ufone are Mobile broadband (HSPA+), Postpaid and Prepaid, Mobile Banking called U-Paisa. In villages, the coverage of Ufone is also good. It uses high technology of 900 or 1800 Mega Hertz GSM 2G / GPRS 2.5G / EDGE 2.75G, Band 1 of 2100 Mega Hertz or Band 8 of 900 Mega Hertz HSPA+ 3.75G. The total number of this network users across Pakistan is 18.8 millions.